“Meanderings” by Jim Peters

Some observations from Jim Peters:

    I have not written about the meanderings of my mind for quite a while.  It is probably time that I do so.  I was thinking of how peaceful it is in Lowell’s politic since Kevin Murphy became City Manager.  Kevin definitely knew how to use the influence of the office of State Representative, but he has a calmness as City Manager that far transcends any recent (the past forty years) holder of the office.  Lowell seems to be in pretty good hands.
    I have been having a good time with my show, also called “Peters’ Principles.”  It airs on Mondays at 9:30AM and Wednesday at 7PM.  It is on Channel 8, the LTC channel.  I have had some very interesting guests, including former Mayor Jim Milinazzo and current City Councilor Ed Kennedy.  We covered the ribbon-cutting event at Councilor Corey Belanger’s “Wicked Irish” Pub and it was heartening to see most of the current Council at the opening.  It was great of Mr. Belanger to locate in Lowell.  On my television show we use businesses that are located largely downtown.  The first question is always, “What caused you to choose the downtown.”  Watch the show for the answers.
    Basically, life is pretty good.  I found out that my cancer is in spontaneous remission, which I attribute to the ladies and men at St. Margaret’s placing me on their prayer list when they pray the Rosary every morning.  The nurse who oversaw my preparations for the Pacemaker told me the chances of having spontaneous remission of cancer was “One in five million.”  Pretty good odds.  I believe that negates any possibility of my ever winning the lottery, as that is the closest I will ever come to it.  My other diseases are under control.  Things are going well.  Which is not to say that I have no lingering illnesses, I just seem to be dealing with them well.  I expect that the cancer will be back sometime, but right now things are going pretty well.  I have had non-Hodgkins Lymphoma for a few years.  It is the same cancer my brother-in-law had many years ago.
    I am glad the political cycle has come to an end.  I was really busy this year, and, as I said on the show, I believe that the two State Representatives, of which there was obviously a winner (congratulations) and a loser, were both very good men and will do well in the District.

I have a personal observation that, when the Patriots win, it will be a good week.  So far, it has held true for me.  I love the Patriots.  Any other football team is a disappointment.  Well, basically, that is my story for this week.  Things are going well.  I have a friend who sells everyone of his cars by placing a sign on it that it “runs good.”  He has his Ph.D. but that is all he will say about any car he sells.  He is not stretching the truth, they do “run good.”  It is just how my life is going right now, I am “running good.”  I hope that you are, too.