Rady Mom announces candidacy for state rep

Here’s a press release I just received from the Rady Mom campaign:

Urges Community: “Let’s Make History!”

LOWELL—Rady Mom, a Lowell Businessman and community activist, announced his candidacy for State Representative today at his kickoff party at The Hong Kong Restaurant in the Highlands section of Lowell. Mom is seeking to fill the seat vacated by Former State Representative Kevin Murphy who became Lowell City Manager earlier this year. Mom, a Democrat is on the ballot in the Democratic Primary to be held on September 9, 2014.

Mom’s candidacy is an historic one as the first Cambodian American from Lowell to be on the ballot for a state office. If elected he would be the first Cambodian serving on a state legislature in the country. Mom fled Cambodia as a young boy to avoid capture by the Khmer Rouge travelling though refugee camps in Thailand and eventually landing in Minnesota before moving to Lowell in 1984 where he was reunited with his family.

“It is hard to imagine how fortunate I am to be in this county and in this community of Lowell. We fled the Khmer Rouge, travelled through refugee camps in Thailand, and made it here as a family. My father guided us here,” he said. Mom arrived in this country at the age of 10.

“It is time for me to give back! All the things that this great country has given me, my family and our people, it is time for us step into leadership positions and give a helping hand to building and shaping our city.” he said.

A Former President of the Asian American Business Association, Mom understands the issues facing small businesses in the city and across the state.

“Any quality of life for any citizen regardless of race or gender will be their ability to receive an education so you can go out into the world and support yourself, your family and create jobs for your community,” he stated. “This is the path I will pursue in the Massachusetts Legislature.”

A Lowell Businessman and community activist, Mom attended the Daley Jr High School, Greater Lowell Regional Vocational School and Middlesex Community College. He is the owner of Mom’s Therapy a Lowell based business of over 20 years operating in Cupples Square in the Highland section of the city. He is also a professional photographer. He frequently lectures about his life experience to college and high school classes in the area. He is a longtime resident of the Highland section of the city where he lives with his wife, Sirady Van and their four children.

Mom’s civic involvement is broad based and extensive. He is a former Board member of the Boys & Girls Club of Lowell, Board of Governance of Saints Medical Center, Cambodian Mutual Assistance Association, the Angkor Dance Troupe, LOCA and the Khmer Cultural Council (KCC).

He served as a Delegate to the White House in 1998 as a Member of the City of Lowell Empowerment Zone, a City initiative that provided grants to start-up businesses in Lowell.

He was an active Member in the All American City Committee and a Delegate to the successful presentation that lead to Lowell’s designation as an All American City in 1998.

Mom ran unsuccessfully for the Lowell City Council in 2005.

2 Responses to Rady Mom announces candidacy for state rep

  1. Victoria says:

    Rady I would like to voulenter to your campaign you are gonna be a great asset to our cambodian community and I want to do whatever I can to get you in office we need you there I usually work polling but this is where I want to be this year

  2. padma morel says:

    Hi Rady
    Happy to see your candidacy for the office of State Representative. You will be a great asset
    to community because of your understanding of peoples’ issues and your dedication to helping
    others. Wishing you “the win”! Anything I can do to help let me know.
    blessings padma