“Becoming An American Citizen” by Elizabeth Maximovich

Friend-of-the-blog and frequent contributor Nancy Pitkin volunteers as an ESL tutor in the Literacy Program sponsored by the Pollard Memorial Library. One of Nancy’s students, Elizabeth Maximovich, became a United States citizen on March 25 at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium ceremony. Nancy asked Elizabeth to write about the experience so it could be shared with our readers.

So congratulations to Elizabeth on her achievement and on her excellent essay. Congratulations also to Elizabeth’s mother who also passed the citizenship test and will be become a citizen on tomorrow at another swearing in ceremony at the Auditorium. Here is Elizabeth’s essay:

The process of obtaining an American citizenship has been an experience with much joy for me, even though I had many fears. This process has been filled with happiness because I had the unconditional support of my loving husband, George, and the valuable help of my tutor Nancy Pitkin. Of course, with my frequent studying, I was able to easily pass the test. I’ve heard various stories about taking the citizenship test: some good, some mediocre, and some bad stories of their test. Some people complain about having horrible interviewers that ask questions impossible to answer during their interviews. I think that these stories happen to people who weren’t prepared well enough. No interviewer will ask something that is not permitted by law. Everyone who has the right to obtain American citizenship should do it with the security of knowing that if he or she prepares and is able to speak English efficiently and is able to respond to questions asked to them in the English will, with no doubt, obtain their citizenship.

In my case, I had a satisfaction so strong that I could only compare it to when I graduated from college. To those that are eligible to receive their citizenship, I say: GO FOR IT!

P.S. This weekend I received my USA passport and I will be using it promptly.

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