Doors Open & Photography Weekend

News from the Doors Open Lowell organizers:

Looking forward to a fantastic Doors Open Lowell weekend, so come on out and discover some great historic buildings and architecture as you help celebrate National Preservation Month.  Head for a complete schedule of events. If you missed the program guide in Wednesday’s Lowell Sun, just stop by the Lowell National Historical Park Visitor Center in Market Mills on Market Street and pick one up

Mills On Display

By September of this year, 94% of Lowell’s 5.1 million square feet of mill space will have been rehabilitated and preserved.  This represents a staggering $650 million in economicdevelopment activity with nearly $1 billion in total historic preservation-based development taking place in downtown since the early 1980s.


Check out some of this success by visiting several mill projects open this weekend including Trio on Market Street Friday night and Loft 27, Lowell Community Health Center, Appleton Mills, Mill No. 5, and the Apartments at Boott Mills (East and West) on Saturday. And while not open for viewing, you will see ongoing construction activity as you walk along Jackson Street past the Winn Companies’ Hamilton Canal Lofts.  You’ll just have to wait until Doors Open Lowell 2015 to see the finished product!

Lowell Photography Weekend

While you’re out enjoying Doors Open Lowell this weekend, don’t miss another great event taking place, Lowell Photography Weekend, a citywide, multi-venue celebration of photography being held Saturday and Sunday.

Lowell galleries, museums, and businesses will be hosting a wide range of photographic exhibitions. While the length of each exhibition will vary, all venues will host artists’ receptions throughout the weekend. Receptions will be staggered so that the visitor has time to visit each venue and meet all the exhibiting photographers. Click here for photography weekend schedule.

And In Case You Have Next Weekend Free…The 15th annual Doors Open Toronto takes place May 24 – 25 and was the inspiration for Doors Open Lowell.  In 2000, Toronto was the first city in North America to

torontolaunch this event dedicated to building heritage, architecture, and design and was followed by Doors Open Lowell in 2002, the first Doors Open event in the United States.


So if you haven’t gotten your fill of historic architecture and preservation this weekend, consider heading north of the border next weekend and experience Doors Open Toronto.

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