City Council Meeting: May 13, 2014


City Manager gave a brief report on his meeting with leadership of UTEC to hear their side of the story. It was a fruitful meeting. He will now meet with Superintendent Taylor. Hopefully will get the City-UTEC relationship back on track.


Authorizing the City Manager to execute a retaining wall easement at Beacon & Third Street. Vote 9 -0 without any discussion.


Youth Services subcommittee by chair Bill Samaras. Met with representatives from city agencies and non-profits that provide summer programs to young people. The subcommittee was very impressed with the range and quantity of opportunities. Stresses correlation between youth employment and decreasing crime.


By Councilor Mercier seeking explanation on water meter reading discrepancies. Someone who was receiving estimated bills for nine years finally received a bill based on an actual reading and the bill was more than $8000. Hears similar stories from others. Looking for an explanation of why there’s such a long interval between actual meter readings. Sent to city manager for report.

By Councilor Mercier, to find money to purchase a “mulch blower” for the city park department. Bases request on conversation she had with a city employee. Describes it as “not frivolous.” Referred to City Manager.

By Councilor Kennedy, to get report on mill buildings within the city but not within the national park zone. For example, the mill building on Lawrence Street at Andrews Street. Also Prince Macaroni building. Passes unanimously.

By Councilor Martin, request City Council appoint a professor from UMass Lowell as one of the council’s appointees to the Lowell Telecommunications Board. Passes unanimously.

By Councilor Martin, seeking a report on construction projects at Sun Building and at Father John’s Medicine Building. Passes.

By Councilor Belanger, investigate need for cross walk at Market and Cardinal O’Connell Parkway. Passes.

Interview of final candidate this Thursday at 5 pm.