City Council Meeting: April 22, 2014

Councilors Samaras and Leahy absent.

Public Safety Subcommittee Report by Chair of Committee, Councilor Rourke. Reviewed three motions. First regarding use of Narcan by Lowell first responders. Fire department is six weeks away from its use. Fire union supports the effort which will also include “epi” pens. Next motions was regarding the “matrix” study. Supt Taylor said Lowell PD in process of updating all policies and procedures after which will apply for certification. Third motion was related to a service plan that is being prepared and then will be submitted to the state (The Service Plan is a statutory requirement that the city has apparently not fulfilled in the past).

Motion by Councilor Kennedy to have proper department at UMass Lowell conduct a “backwater study” to determine the maximum level of the Merrimack River at which flooding in the Clay Brook area will begin. We don’t have such a study and have to depend on one conducted by Enel. Will give residents higher degree of confidence with an independent study. Motion passes unanimously.

Motion by Mayor Elliott and Councilor Samaras that the Youth Activities Subcommittee to review programs to be offered by Healthy Summer program and by the city. Passes unanimously.

Motion by Mayor Elliott that City Manager report on efforts to clean downtown streets on nights and weekends. Concern arose out of a downtown residents meeting at which people were concerned about accumulation of trash over the weekend. CM Murphy says he’s already began investigating this, hoping to shift an employee’s work week from Tuesday through Saturday.

Motion to adjourn at 7:03 pm [Edit Note: Yes, the meeting really was that short].

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