The Forstye Saga…Great TV

23FORSYHE1_SPAN-articleLargeI often google …“best streaming TV series on Netflix”.  Fortunately, this phase has led me to many excellent hours of quality TV viewing.  One such series is a 2002 production titled The Forstye Saga. I’ve had this PBS production in my queue for at least a year, but despite its four star rating, I consistently passed over it. That is until last week when I decided to give it a try. Although the plot develops slowly, once in motion I found the story line magnetic. Episode after episode, it just kept drawing me in. Damian Lewis, whom I loved in Band of Brothers and Homeland, demonstrates what a remarkable actor he really is playing the crusty, aloof Soames Forsyte.  English actress, Gin McKee (Borgias) brilliantly plays Soames ex-wife Irene.  The story revolves around the rocky relationship between these two characters. The Forstyes Saga touches on “obsession, unhappiness, adultery, rape, and possessive, unrequited love” (…I’m almost afraid to say it, but I liked it better than Downton Abbey.  

4 Responses to The Forstye Saga…Great TV

  1. Karen says:

    I watched this show when it was on PBS and I loved it, too. The acting was top-notch and the drama drew me in as a viewer. Excellent recommendation!

  2. dennis boland says:

    I love PBS…..only for good story …..downton abbey…But I watch a lots of BBC(UK) shows…..They are top notch drama….out local station not enough program with great story line…..Thank goodness for you tube….all free….

  3. Jack Moynihan says:

    I also really liked that series (although I do still like Downton Abbey .) My favorite production was Bleak House, but that is also my favorite novel – and Dickens is my favorite writer. Thanks for the reminding us of the Forsyte Saga. ( I can’t use italics in these comments, so I apologize for not representing the titles correctly.)