“The Borgias” Cutting the Cord


Over the past year or so I have been wondering if I could actually “cut the cord”…the cable TV cord that is.  And I’m finding there is plenty of very good /great programing available “off the cord”.

Case in point…I just finished watching the entire three seasons of The Borgias starring Jeremy Irons. This excellent production fully captures all the gruesomeness and debauchery of the reign of Pope Alexander VI 1492-1503 (Rodrigo Borgia). Irons is fabulous as the amoral Holy Father, as is Canadian actor Francois Arnaud who plays his ruthless and cunning son Cesare. Unfortunately, the series was scheduled for a four season run, but was canceled prematurely after a change in leadership at Showtime…I found the series riveting as it depicts the Borgia Pope “regularly” breaking all Ten Commandments.

The Borgias is available on many media services and is streaming on Netflix.     

3 Responses to “The Borgias” Cutting the Cord

  1. den boland says:

    The Borgias Love this series…..But its was cut short……everythings with this series was great…..story line, and well know actors……But its all about money……sound like it to late to come back……

  2. Tom O'Brien says:

    The sad fact is that most people think that the Borgias are a creation of fiction. In fact they are part of a rather dark history,
    even though that general period is often referred to as the age of enlightenment

  3. Gail says:

    I sort of cut the cord last summer. I bought an indoor antenna and digital converter. I get a lot of channels out of Boston. I think the loss is when there is coverage of a hurricane or major weather event, the Boston channels tend to play the same footage over and over again. Providence, Hartford, Manchester, and New York could have fallen into the center of the earth and the national news would be preempted to show the same footage in Scituate.