In the Merrimack Valley ~ Democratic Caucus Politics

The air in the Merrimack Valley is electric with political static these days. Of note is the open window of opportunity for candidates looking for a spot on the September Democratic primary ballot. Since February 8th and through March 2nd, across the Valley and across the Commonwealth delegates seats for the June 13-14 Democratic Party convention are up for election. These delegates – as well as some ex-officos and some add-ons – will validate and endorse candidates for our Constitutional offices. Vigorous courting, soft reminders of past commitments, connecting to issues, mutual colleagues, family, friends even alums are part of the strategies of this political process. The Merrimack Valley continues to be a “hot spot” for the primary push. The caucuses that I attended in Tewksbury and the ward caucuses in Lowell and Lawrence were well-attended and boasted of old faces and new. They were the focus of most state-wide candidates as evidenced by the line-up waiting to speak at the Lowell High cafeteria last week, and the density of campaign workers knotted at the doors of the Tewksbury Library Community Room and the Lawrence  Firefighter’s Hall “Relief-In” yesterday. Caucuses are a great opportunity to collect signatures – also a very critical part of the process! Delegate counts are being taken; campaigns are calculating percentages; pundits are prognosticating; columnists are critical, curious and whiney. Notwithstanding, the whacks of Glober Joan Venocchi and the quizzical frowns of other observers, the process – occasionally tweaked – works for Democrats and for this democratic political process. Any Democrat in good-standing can play!

In Tewksbury:

In Lawrence:

In Lowell: