Admiral Richard E. Byrd @ Parker Lectures (1935)

My brother Richard recently came across a 1930s promotional flier for an event in Lowell that I had never heard about: Rear Admiral Richard E. Byrd appeared in the Moses Greeley Parker Lecture Series on Dec. 13, 1935. His topic was the Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition, whose duration was from Oct. 22, 1933, to Feb. 8, 1935. The exploration group included 120 men, four planes, six tractors, and 150 dogs. Among other hardships on this journey, which was organized to better understand the geology and climate near the South Pole, Byrd spent five months alone in a hut, separated from his team. The temperature at times sank to 80 degrees below zero.  He tracked the weather and kept a diary of his observations. On his return, he was hailed in a Congressional resolution and greeted by President Franklin D. Roosevelt. For the lecture at Lowell Memorial Auditorium, including film footage, Byrd was introduced by Congresswoman Edith Nourse Rogers.