Create a Poster for Lowell Nat’l Hist. Park

In the 1930s, President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s administration used the job-creating vehicle of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) to employ artists in a marketing campaign called “See America,” which promoted the beauties and treasures of the national parks of America.

This year, the Creative Action Network, made up of designers and artists around the country, joined with the National Parks Conservation Assoc., a private booster organization for the parks, to revive the “See America” campaign. Any artist in the nation can participate. Here’s how:

“If you’re an artist, produce a poster of your own and upload it to the Creative Action Network site—you’ll receive 40 percent of the sales generated by the posters and related products. Can’t draw a  square to save your life? Purchase items on CAN’s website to support artists and show off your love of the parks . . . .”

Many of the national parks already have posters up for sale. THERE IS NO POSTER FOR LOWELL NATIONAL HISTORICAL PARK, PEOPLE. And there can be more than one poster per park.

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