‘Monoprint of the Concord River Mills’ by Tom Sexton


Our far-flung Western net-desk night editor Tom Sexton, once the Poet Laureate of Alaska and always a distinguished alumnus of Lowell High School, sent this new poem inspired by a work of art he bought from Bill Giavis, a legend at the Brush Gallery in Market Mills downtown.—PM


Monoprint of the Concord River Mills


for Bill Giavis


Far from the scene hanging on my wall,


a few battered old brick mills remain.


I’ve seen trees growing out of their


sagging roofs as if strong roots can


keep their walls from falling floor by


floor into the river below, but in the print


every brick, every wall, glows as if


it’s made of light.  Is that bridge piling


rising from the river granite or a pillar of salt?

—Tom Sexton (c) 2014

monoprint Sexton poem photo