My Lowell: January 10, 2014

For many years now I’ve urged people to grab a video camera (or use their cell phone’s video camera) and just start shooting. You can’t create a video until you start recording video. One obstacle to doing that is deciding what to film. Often we lack faith in our ideas, get cold feet, and never do it. Inspired by co-blogger Paul’s “army men poem video” from last weekend, I decided to stick my little Flip video camera in the pocket of my winter jacket and occasionally pull it out and record short clips of things I saw in Lowell as the week went by. I had in mind a type of video collage with no central narrative or even captions, just random clips strung together. Viewing it after completion, I did spot a missed opportunity. I should have placed the clip of the sizzling frying pan between the city council attendance roll call and Bernie Lynch reading his letter of resignation and then followed that with the audio of a toilet flushing. But that would have been telling an intentional story when the objective here is much more random. So here it is: My Lowell for the week ending January 10, 2014. Try doing one yourself. I’ll gladly post it.