Netflix’s “The Fall”, Makes Great TV Watching

The Fall



I just finished watching the first season of a great BBC TV series on Netflix…and its available  streaming! The Fall, created by Allan Cubitt and directed by Jakob Vertruggen is a captivating crime drama (and honest, I usually don’t like crime dramas). The main character, Detective Superintendent Stella Gibson is assigned the task of stopping a serial killer in Belfast, Ireland. But trust me, The Fall isn’t just another “cops chase  killer” show. Rather it is a keen psychological glimpse at a cunning murderer who methodically selects his victims and the intelligent, Detective who relentlessly pursues him.  Give it a shot

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  1. N.Pitkin says:

    We just finished watching The Fall on Netflix streaming also. It is interesting, captivating, intense and well acted – however it is also very, very violent. The cunning mind of the serial killer is scary. I could not watch it before going to bed – we made sure we saw this show early in the evening! And then watched a show that was lighter.