“No school, all schools in Lowell”

Many decades ago there was a local radio announcer whose name I now forget who boom out across the airwaves “No school, all schools in Lowell” on days when the weather cancelled school for the day. (Maybe someone can help me with that name). Modern technology has given us Jay Lang’s voice on a robocall, text alerts from various Boston news outlets, and timely locally-sourced Tweets.

It seems that the biggest difficulty with this storm will be its duration, although if more than a foot of snow falls, it doesn’t matter how long it takes to get on the ground, it will still be a pain to clean up. As you go about your lives during the next 48 hours, please pull out your phone, snap a photo, and email it to me at DickHoweJr@gmail.com so I can post it here on the blog. If text is more your style, please send an update or two about your experience with the storm.

3 Responses to “No school, all schools in Lowell”

  1. Guy Lefebvre says:

    I remember being notified about school closings by the building sirens on all the firehouses in Lowell. You could hear the blare all over the city. Everyone was notified at once, it didn’t matter if you were inside or outside you knew it meant no school.

  2. John Quealey says:

    Loved to hear Tom Clayton with that no school news.Thanks Bill.
    Sheperds pie is made with lamb now everyone makes it with ground beef.The sheperds tended to the sheep and lambs.