$1.3 M for Concord River Greenway

Outstanding accomplishment by the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust in partnership with the City of Lowell planning department staff, our delegation at the Statehouse, and Gov. Patrick’s administration. $1.3 million in funding to complete the Concord River Greenway land improvements and pathways. The LP&CT has been visionary and persistent in promoting the project on Lowell’s less visible river. Kudos to everyone involved.


3 Responses to $1.3 M for Concord River Greenway

  1. PaulM says:

    Tony, one end of the Greenway starts off East Merrimack Street, where the Concord River slides under the bridge—in the parking lot across the water from Middlesex Community College main building.

  2. Jane Calvin says:

    Tony, yes the Greenway will eventually connect with the Riverwalk. The Riverwalk extension behind Mass Mills includes a bridge over to the Auditorium, then you’d only have to cross the street to meet up with the Greenway. The plans for the new building in the location of the MCC cyber cafe will include a short extension of the Greenway out to E. Merrimack Street. Feel free to call me at the Lowell Parks & Conservation Trust if you have further questions.