Lowell celebrates life of Nelson Mandela

The African Cultural Association of Lowell has organized a Celebration of the Life and Legacy of Nelson Mandela. The event will be this coming Friday, December 13, 2013 from 5pm until 7pm, at the Lowell Community Charter School at 206 Jackson Street in Lowell. The event will feature dance, music, speeches and reflections. Everyone is invited to attend.

One Response to Lowell celebrates life of Nelson Mandela

  1. Joe says:

    I overheard someone this morning say they have had enough of the Nelson Mandela coverage. Maybe it was just the individual or maybe it is because as a society our attention span is shrinking. But do people truly understand what we have lost? It’s estimated that about 110 billion people have ever lived on earth. Nelson mandela is easily in the top 50 of the greatest people in world history. Nelson Mandela was a hero Before he pulled off his greatest achievment. Whenever there is a power shift and the oppressed takes power there is ALWAYS extreme violence against their former oppressor. Add in the racial element and South Africa was as big a powder keg as you will ever see. There was literally only one person on earth that that could stop the death and destruction that was sure to come. That’s who we lost. Had enough coverage yet? I can’t get enough.