Richard P. Howe Bridge to open on Tuesday

The new Richard P. Howe Bridge which will connect Merrimack Street and University Ave will open this Tuesday, November 19, 2013. The State Department of Transportation will host a ceremony to open and to dedicate the bridge which is named for my father who served forty consecutive years on the Lowell City Council including four terms as mayor. The ceremony is Tuesday at 10:30 a.m. on the bridge (we only learned about it on Friday). As far as I know, everyone is welcome to attend.

I visited both sides of the bridge earlier today. It is still fenced off but the following pictures give a sense of its architecture and appearance.

Richard P. Howe Bridge from VFW Highway

View from University Ave, looking across VFW Highway towards Merrimack Street on other side

View from Merrimack Street, looking towards University Ave

2 Responses to Richard P. Howe Bridge to open on Tuesday

  1. dennis boland says:

    This new bridge will be great… location….better traffic flow…pawtucketville straight to Merrimack st….awesome…..I am very proud of this city I loves……now one more bridge to go…middlessex street wood ….