Election Day

If you’re not sure where you vote, you can visit this page on the Secretary of State’s web site. Enter your address and it tells you the name and address of your polling place. It even provides a map if you need it. You can also call the Lowell Election Commission at 978/674-1200 to get that information. The Election Commission is also providing rides to the polls for voters. If you need a ride, call the same number to arrange it. Polls open at 7 am and remain open until 8 pm. There’s no school in Lowell tomorrow so traffic and parking should not be a problem.

If you’re still trying to make up your mind about a particular candidate, check out the LTC YouTube channel which has a short video message from each candidate. The Lowell Sun’s 16-page election guide also has information on each of the candidates.

After the polls close, tune in to LTC’s local cable channel 8 for live election returns.