Lowell Sun endorsements

The Lowell Sun website now has the newspaper’s endorsements for city council. Eight candidates were endorsed, three incumbents and five challengers.

Incumbent councilors who received the endorsement were:

Ed Kennedy
Rita Mercier
Joe Mendonca

Challengers who were endorsed were:

Dan Rourke
Jim Milinazzo
Stacie Hargis
Derek Mitchell
Corey Belanger

That means the following incumbent city councilors WERE NOT endorsed:

Rodney Elliott
John Leahy
Marty Lorrey
Bill Martin
Vesna Nuon

Challengers who were not endorsed include:

Eric Gitschier
Bill Samaras
Van Pech

For the School Committee, the newspaper endorsed the sole challenger, Steve Gendron, and all six incumbents (Dave Conway, Robert Gignac, Jim Leary, Kristin Ross-Sitcawich, Kim Scott and Connie Martin) but with the caveat that since Ross-Sitcawich and Martin both work for CTI, having two employees of that entity on the school committee would be inadvisable and so the newspaper recommends selecting just one of those two.

For the Vocational School Committee, the newspaper endorsed Fred Bahou for a full 4-year term (but not George O’Hare) and Ray Boutin for the 2-year term (he’s unopposed so he should be all set).

3 Responses to Lowell Sun endorsements

  1. Hmmm says:

    No minorities endorsed by the Lowell Sun I see. Except for Joe Mendonca, I guess, since he represents the Portuguese community.

  2. Linda Copp says:

    This is a very interesting list, a mix of returning Councilors and new comers who all add their own depth of experience to the 2014 City Council. I appreciate the “The Sun” supporting their choices by identifying the reasons why they believe each of these candidates would, in their estimation, add a specific dynamic to the 2014 Lowell City Council. The omissions on this list are glaring but also speak to me equally of why they may not have made the cut. Personally, if two individuals who happen to work at CTI are both capable people and returning members to an already successful School board, I see no reason why only one is now, worthy of a vote. Or why the other should be rejected with no regard for who the person is or what they have accomplished. The only reason for dismissal, being that they work in the same place and hence, are no longer valid choices. Should we then suppose that everyone working at the Lowell Sun, using this rationale is exactly like another in their views and abilities, as well? So, they too are not each a valid reporter and person in their right worthy if consideration?

  3. George DeLuca says:

    So The Sun likes the Lowell Plan ticket of rubber stampers Jim Milinazzo, Stacie Hargis and Derek Mitchell. The first motion of the new council would be filed by JIm Milinazzo to rename the City by adding the word “Plan” after Lowell.

    The wild card would have to be Bill Martin. Otherwise the above trio will be looking at 5-3 against for the next 2 years. If its Rodney Elliott, we’ll have a total swing. Bring it on.

    Did Kendall Wallace put this slate together?