Gleaning for Food Day 2013 in Lowell


In recognition of Food Day 2013 (which is Thursday, October 24th), a group of kids from the Greater Lowell Boys & Girls club visited Verrill Farm in Concord. While at the farm, the kids took part in “potato gleaning.” Gleaning is a centuries old practice where a farmer would invite the community to gather end-of-season crops that otherwise would be plowed under to make way for the next crop. The kids took the potatoes back to the Boys & Girls club where the kitchen staff was to prepare some potato dishes. It was a good opportunity for kids to learn about where their food comes from, how it’s harvested and how it turns into meals.

Linda King who is a Community Development Specialist for the Dept. of Planning and Development and a member of the Lowell Food Commission invited Caroline Gallagher to accompany the kids and Caroline made this excellent video about their adventure.

More information about Food Day 2013 can be found on the website and more information locally may be obtained from Linda King at or at 978-674-4252 x 1428.

The Boys & Girls Club of Greater Lowell serves over 33,000 meals a year to girls and boys from the area.

Thanks to Caroline Gallagher for making and sharing this video and for introducing us to potato gleaning.

2 Responses to Gleaning for Food Day 2013 in Lowell

  1. Barbara Gagel says:

    Thank you, Caroline, for such a fine
    , well edited film. The kids looked so enthusiastic about diggin those potatoes and will be thrilled, I’m sure, to be a part of making and partaking of meals from their efforts. Great to get kids close to their food!

  2. Joe Hungler says:

    The kids not only had a great time at the farm, the potato soup for dinner this past Thursday was a big hit.