Gerry Nutter refutes new allegation

[Ed. Note. I did write yesterday that I would leave the Gerry Nutter issue behind since I said what I wanted to say but at about that same time, Dr. Victoria Fahlberg posted two comments on this site making a new allegation of improper blogging by Gerry. Gerry sent the following response. Because the allegation is new, Gerry should have the opportunity to respond. Here’s what he wrote:]

Please post or read aloud this entire email if you are a Media entity or BLOG!

Attached is the entire Mother’s day 2010 Post that mentions DR. F. What I in FACT wrote was:

Speaking of CITY LIFE, Victoria Fahlberg was on to discuss a variety of topics but was very curt and arrogant when dealing with the subject of the Greater Lowell Technical. When George Anthes pointed out that the voter elected the Representatives and they should have the right to do as they see fit , she was very curt and seemed annoyed. I have never met her and neither has my wife who said after listen from the other room “Who’s that witch. she’s rude”.

This is why people don’t want to serve on Boards or Commissions, dirty politics. I don’t mind criticism I gave it out, I object to slanted, unfair one sided attacks. I am not going to respond to anymore of this foolishness or attacks.

I have no intention of resigning.

Many people in politics have done far worst and gone on to serve very effectively and are well loved including Sen. Kennedy who was involved in an incident where a young woman died and Pres. Clinton who wandered from his marriage vows in a very well documented couple of occasions, these are two prime examples.

Here in Lowell we had a State Rep. who chose not to run again after some pressure from the Ethics Commission due to some Insurance Company sponsored vacations who went on to serve as a much loved City Manager and horse racing friend of the Editor at the SUN.

My concern is that this 1 statement in a body of 2400 public post is being misused for other reasons by a newspaper that has its own history of gender attacks and unlike myself they have not apologized for it.

I call your attention to this: – The Sun allowed and supported Dan Phelps attack on Transgender people. I responded to and apologized too an unknown poster who used 2 fake names…Phelps’s is supposed to be a Professional and knew exactly who his target was yet the SUN has never apologized.

This Phelps Poem was issued in December 2011 the same year I made those stupid comments and unlike me who published an Apology the SUN has NEVER done one for this distasteful incident. My blog reached at best 500-1000 the Sun claims to reach tens of thousands. Who is more offensive? A lowly blogger or a supposed “Professional” Newspaper?

They ignored an on-line petition:

The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation (GLAAD) released a Take Action item in December 2012 inviting readers to contact Lowell Sun editor Jim Campanini in light of the following information:

Immediately after being in touch with local LGBT advocates in Massachusetts, GLAAD reached out to Lowell Sun editor Jim Campanini, to relay why these types of ‘jokes’ aren’t funny and to explain why a newspaper — especially the 8th largest in the state — should hold itself to higher journalistic integrity and standards. While Jim was receptive to our feedback and agreed that this was a “poor parody,” telling us that he would speak with the staff member responsible for the offensive piece, he has yet to remove it from the paper’s website or issue a public apology.

Stand with GLAAD in asking the Lowell Sun to remove the anti-trans ‘Christmas carol’ from their website and to put their apology in writing. It’s great that we heard their apology, but it’s more important that the paper’s readers see it.

No apology was ever issued and it was never taken down as requested, it can still be found:

I apologized for 1 stupid comment made to an UNKNOWN PERSON and I am moving on. 10 stories about an appointment of a lowly Election Commissioner should highlight to all that the SUN has a clear and biased agenda.

One Response to Gerry Nutter refutes new allegation

  1. Bill Deignan says:

    Relax Gerry,
    Always maintain your self-control. This appointment is
    like you said a lowly election commission position.
    You are a bright and dedicated person and have
    so much to give to society.
    No one can be politically correct all the time.
    We all make mistakes…
    Face up to the accusations and if things work out
    great, if not—tell them all to take a hike.
    Thats Life…Bill Deignan