Gerry Nutter responds to Sun editorial

Yesterday’s Lowell Sun editorial was harshly critical of Gerry and of his appointment to the Lowell Election Commission. Given the Sun’s track record, the hypocrisy of the editorial was breathtaking but I’ll save my comments until my Sunday “Week in Review” post. For now, I’ll post a Letter to the Editor response that Gerry sent yesterday, a copy of which he was kind enough to share with me. Here’s what Gerry wrote (emphasis his):


I have no issues with your opposition to my selection. You have that right and I’ve voiced my objection to some of your stories in the past.

I take exception only to the comment of misogynistic conduct – 1 Comment in Aug. 2011 qualifies? Given the history of talented female staff that has left the Lowell SUN since Mr. Campanini has been in charge that is the proverbial pot calling the kettle black.

Who was a stronger advocate for the Tech Supt than I? When the Asst. City Clerk was being treated poorly who was her strongest advocate? When a City Councilors daughter was the subject or a paperwork snafu, who is the only one who wrote about what I considered her shameful treatment? Oh wait, facts get in the way of editorial positions.

Your reporter/ news story also omitted a fact I supplied the reporter , beside the fact I had no idea who I made that ill advised comment to since I allowed people to post under fake names, that same poster on Left in Lowell stated weeks later: Even Gerry Nutter had the fortitude to say he was wrong. He actually has more integrity than any of you. Think long and hard about that.

That same person has appeared on Saturday Morning Live with me on several occasions after that and never once mentioned that she was the person or that she felt I owed her another apology. Councilor Elliot is the person who exposed her. I never knew who she was.

If you had said sadistic qualities I’d have no objection and given the way this thing has played out, you would have been spot on!

Didn’t it ever occur to anyone over there to ask me why after spending 3.5 years being critical of the administration and elected officials I would put myself in a position where I was willingly subjecting myself to a public whipping? People knew weeks ago I had applied and not once did anyone from the SUN bother to ask why I would willing put myself in a position to be embarrassed and humiliated publicly. It certainly isn’t for the stipend!!!

Do you really think I am so naïve that I didn’t expect most of what I heard? I stated the Councilors had every right to object and to their feelings and knew you and others would take your pound of flesh. Didn’t that ever once cross your mind and make you wonder if you should at the very least ask?

The fact is we need to improve on several things in the Election Office, especially signage and changing locations to comply with the law and we need to insure everyone has the same level playing field. I’ve done Customer Service for over 20 years and think I have the skills to contribute to the city in a more positive way than blogging. So I knowing applied and didn’t expect to get selected but decided I wanted to try and help in a positive way and once selected expected the beating.

For 47.5 years except for the occasional phone call into a WCAP show or speaking at a neighborhood committee meeting, no one knew or cared what I said. Never really understood why anyone cared what I said when I started blogging either, except that it gave a working class guys point of view.

The one negative thing that I and many of us will never forget about the SUN is the cruel and tasteless attack on Tom Bryne when he passed. It took a lot of pressure by Elected and former Elected Officials to get you to do the right thing and apologize and even then you used a lot of what I had already written to use in your make-up piece. (With my permission and gratitude). It was still too little to late and caused someone Tom cared for and someone who cared for him a great deal to not be welcomed at his wake or funeral.

Yet you say “known for putting his foot in his mouth so often he probably uses a shoehorn for a toothbrush.” I cited one incident when I could have cited many. I’m at least Man enough to admit my mistakes.

Regardless, I wish the paper successes, we agree to disagree on many things but there is a need for a local newspaper and has I said on my post that LIL and Dick Howe posted the SUN has talented people.

Good Luck and God Bless


PS: Feel free to use this as a Letter to the Editor as long has you don’t edit it.

3 Responses to Gerry Nutter responds to Sun editorial

  1. Rich Hancock says:

    It is quite astonishing, even from a distance of 2000 miles away, to hear that the Lowell Sun, in spite of regime changes, maintains their heavy, punitive editorial hand and predisposition for personal attacks when they hear something they don’t like.
    It reminds me of the highly personal, front page editorial attacks on City Councilor Matt Donahue in the 1990’s for his unmitigated temerity in suggesting possible funding and planning alternatives to the Paul Tsongas/Lowell Sun endorsed arena and ballpark projects. I was a vocal proponent of those plans, but disheartened by the mudslinging directed at Donahue. It was cruel, childish, personal and petulent…and it sounds like things really haven’t changed much at the old mill town rag, regardless of whose name is on the masthead.

  2. Renee Aste says:

    So if Gerry was anonymous online, we would never of known? But he isn’t.

    I’m torn. I’m feel for Mary Burns, but as someone who doesn’t hide her views online I realize a moment could turn into regret.

    Overall we have a huge problem mocking women in politics with their sexuality, as normal. Remember the Obama speech writer groping a full size image of Hilary Clinton. Or most recently Miley Cyrus mocking Michelle Bachman on SNL in a sexualized manner. Mainstream culture taking a cheap shot with a woman’s sexuality is accepted.