Election Commissioner Gerry Nutter sends his thanks

Moments ago Gerry Nutter posted a comment to my earlier post that recorded the city council debate and vote that ratified his appointment by the city manager to the Lowell Election Commissioner. I’m copying his full comment below to enable more people to see it.

From Gerry Nutter:

I am Thankful that the City Manager chose to accept my application for the Election Commission and that a majority of the City Council chose to approve that. I will become an Election Commissioner for the City of Lowell.

Being a Commissioner my role changes from providing commentary on the day to day actions or the Manager and his administration, the City Council, School Committee, Tech School Committee or any candidate or elected official to trying to do my best working with my fellow commissioners to insure that we as a City provide all voters the best opportunity possible to get out and vote for whoever they want.

We need to insure every voter has the same tools, environment and equipment to cast a ballot and that all candidates regardless of party, position or personal feeling has the same opportunity for voters to select them.

With that said I Thank all of those who took time to stop and read my post even with its “trademark spotty grammar”! and the many who stopped me or after they met me for the first time, told me how much they liked the blog. Shout out to my friends at Enterprise Bank and Gallagher & Cavanaugh who have been very encouraging.

I Thank the late former City Manager Jim Sullivan and current City Manager Lynch whose back and forth were the real reason that this blog was noticed and had legitimacy.

I Thank all the public officials and city / school department staff that were kind enough to respond to my many many questions and rants and Thank those who took the time to respond to correct me on those instances where I was wrong.

Thanks to all who get it like Mike Hayden, Rita Mercier, George O’Hare, Tom Golden, Kevin Murphy and Barry Finegold. All who I have criticized harshly and yet all who have never once treated me poorly and who even after we have argued still talked with me or answered a questions. It really wasn’t personal, its how I felt at that moment about whatever that issue was. Some have never and will never get that.

I Thank Dick Howe Jr. who was always encouraging along with Paul Marion. Jack Mitchell and I are probably at opposite ends of the Democratic Party and don’t agree on much, but we do have mutual respect for one another and have had some great debates on issues. Mimi and Cliff have been very encouraging and helpful and I thank them both. I thank all the bloggers like Jen Myers, Corey Sciuto, Shawn Ashe and Greg Page who linked or contributed to this blog. I’ll miss Lynn as much as she’ll miss me! Even though we agree to disagree on so much, she has been my toughest critic but we are both head strong and not afraid to say what’s on our mind. Mr. Lynne aka Chris is an awesome Data Guy and a good writer on his own.

I Thank John McDonough who had me on and let me host City Life on occasion when George was off. Both John and George have mentioned and highlighted the blog often. While I never met a Mic I didn’t like I do have a face for radio so I really appreciate Warren Shaw having me on and making me a regular. Something I hope will be able to continue as long has he wants to put up with me.

Thanks Jerry & Mickey , Paula , Roger , Joe & Pat , Tom Wirten, Atty. Sullivan and Joan Huot who all have been huge supporters and readers of this blog. My core audience.

I Thank the SUN who gave me many stories to work from and allowed me to link and use their stuff without ever once telling me not to. Lowell is lucky to have a local paper, even one who we disagree with some (okay a majority) of the time. They have very talented writers who I envy because they get to do this full time. Rob Mills, Lisa Redmond, John Collins, Katie Lannan, Dave Peaver and Dan Phelps are all extremely talented. Chris Scott has been a supporter even once linking to my BLOG to me that was a HUGE compliment. Say what you want about Jim Campanni but he has never ducked any questions I ever asked and like myself stands up for what he believes in (even when many oppose him). I hate to tarnish is reputation but I’ve always found him to be a nice guy.(Maybe I’m just being a Flip-Flopper)

Its not good bye because I’ll be around, you just don’t have to put up with my terrible grammar ,lack of punctuation or proof-reading skills.

..now onto the next chapter…see you at the Polls!