Tom Moses finalist for Hudson, Mass job

Gerry Nutter reports that the city of Lowell’s Chief Financial Officer, Tom Moses, is a finalist for a top position in Hudson, Massachusetts. Gerry’s full post is here.

2 Responses to Tom Moses finalist for Hudson, Mass job

  1. Arthur says:

    Mr.Nutter suggests that Mr.Moses is seeking the post in Hudson due to negativity in Lowell..
    If as Mr.Nutter suggests , Mr.Moses is generally recognized as having done a good job, wouldn’t other communities want his services? And if Mr.Moses has the chance to run his own show at a proposed salary of $150-170,000,wouldn’t he be tempted to to take the step up ? The atmosphere at City Hall might be a factor , but I doubt it is the deciding element.Even if all were sweetness and light , this is a big opportunity for Mr.Moses.

  2. George DeLuca says:

    It’s logical for Tom Moses to see this as a step up in his career. It’s a chance for him to run his own show, not that he doesn’t now. Of course, money is likely a factor.

    Mr. Moses has done such a terrific job in Lowell, with class and distinction. I wish him the best and hope he’s selected. If or when he leaves it will be a bad day for Lowell though. I hope the City Council throws a big congratulatory bash in his honor … either way!