Lower Highlands Neighborhood Group reacts to recent shootings

Taya Dixon Mullane, the President of the Lower Highlands Neighborhood Group, sent the following email regarding the number of shootings that have occurred in Lowell to members of the organization. The email makes some excellent and very important points so I want to share it with everyone:

Greetings Lower Highlands Neighborbors and Friends,

I am sad to report ANOTHER shooting occurred last night in Lowell. This time, two people were shot on Salem Street in the Acre. No word yet on the condition of the individuals who were taken to local hospitals last night for treatment of their gunshot wounds.

This brings the list to 10 shootings in the last six months:

10/6/13 Salem Street, Acre
9/26 Gold Street, Acre
9/24 Clemente Park, Lower Highlands
9/21 Pine & Wilder Sts, Lower Highlands
9/18 Lawrence St, Back Central
9/9 Broadway, Acre
8/20 Middlesex Street, Downtown
5/23 Lawrence & Moore Sts, Back Central
5/10 Exeter Street, Centralville
5/3 North Common, Acre

I am at a loss to explain how this continues to happen. No matter if these individuals are known to each other or not, these violent crimes are happening on our streets, outside our homes, and around our loved ones.

What can WE do as a community to stop this? WE CAN DEMAND ACTION! We DO have that power.

1. Attend the City Council Candidates Forum tonight at the An Wang School in Pawtucketville (365 West Meadow Road) tonight at 7:00PM. The forum is on taxes and the budget. These two things PAY FOR PUBLIC SAFETY. If you want our next City Council to put more emphasis on public safety – this is your opportunity to ask HOW they will pay for it and for WHAT.

2. The City Council Public Safety Subcommittee is meeting tomorrow night at 5:30PM at the City Council Chambers at City Hall. There are four items on the agenda – one of which is the recent gun violence. Come down, pack the chamber. Make them see you! Your presence alone speaks volumes.

3. Call the LPD if you see anything – a crime in progress: dial 911. Other calls like noise complaints, information, or to report a crime after the fact: 978-937-3200.

4. VOTE ON NOVEMBER 5. Inform yourself about the candidates, and get out and vote. The CC holds the purse strings – they decide where the money goes. If public safety is the issue, find out who and how…then VOTE VOTE VOTE.

One Response to Lower Highlands Neighborhood Group reacts to recent shootings

  1. JohnW says:

    What ever happened to the “Beat cop” ? The officer you saw every day & whose name you knew. For younger generations it’s hard to imagine that years ago, seeing a police officer would evoke the same feelings as seeing a firefighter.The notion that they were there to help & serve the community (often their own neighbors). No doubt times have changed, but being a younger resident myself, it’s painfully obvoius to me that many people fear the police & likewise the police are more suspicious of passers-by. This dichotomy serves to serperate the police force from the best weapon they have; the eyes and ears of city.