“Not old, not new — just Lowell” by Derek Mitchell

City Council candidate Derek Mitchell shared the following press release this evening:

From Derek Mitchell, candidate for Lowell City Council

Lowell — In contrast to recent community commentary, I believe the perceived distinctions between new and old Lowell to be false. We are all simply, ‘Lowell’, with common aspirations to make our streets clean and safe, our schools inclusive and supportive, and our economy vibrant and growing.

Those that come to this city stick around not to change the city so much as to contribute to our community’s long and proud legacy that has been built by so many others that were once new to the city too—the Greeks, Puerto Ricans and Portuguese; the Cambodians, Irish and French Canadians.

While we cannot change the grid-lock that is taking place at a national level, we can decide our path on a local level. I aim to represent ‘All of Lowell’ on the City Council by recognizing our common interest to see the city prosper is greater and more important than any differences that may be perceived among us.

We must embrace and respect ideas that come from residents who have been here for six months alongside the ideas of those who have been here for six generations; from both sides of the political spectrum; from all neighborhoods and from all ethnicities and backgrounds. We all have something to offer. We are all Lowellians.

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2 Responses to “Not old, not new — just Lowell” by Derek Mitchell

  1. Brian Leahey says:

    My two cents:
    I don’t like labels because they don’t solve anything and Old/New is akin to Dem/Rep. Regardless of where you live, all (or at least most) ideas should be respected but only good ideas should be embraced, It is fantastic that people think so highly of Lowell that some families don’t want to leave and stay for generations while other families leave where they are to move here. Hopefully, every family stays for at least six generations.