Helping Friends of Lowell High School

City Council John Leahy at the grill

While other candidates for city council and school committee were holding signs and campaigning at the entrance to Cawley Stadium for Friday’s Lowell High vs Dracut High football game (won by Lowell, 35 to 12), I found incumbent city councilor John Leahy busy under the stands helping the Friends of Lowell High School cook hamburgers and hot dogs for the “Friends” food concession. I didn’t set out looking for John but as I walked past the area underneath the stands I saw a friend and stopped to chat. That person has been deeply involved in the Friends of Lowell High for several years and particularly their efforts to raise money for scholarships for LHS students through concession sales at football games. My friend explained that a few years ago, there weren’t many parents available to help out and so John Leahy and several others who noticed the personnel shortage pitched in and have been returning every home game since, whether they have kids at LHS or not. This kind of quiet, behind-the-scenes participation by Councilor Leahy impressed me. I’m sure others who hold or seek public office do the same in their own way. Such efforts deserve to be recognized.

There are three remaining home games for Lowell High. They are September 20 versus Leominster; September 27 versus Billerica; and October 24 versus Andover. All games begin at 7 pm. So if you make it to Cawley Stadium for some LHS football, be sure to buy a cheeseburger and help send a Lowell High student to college.