A visit to Manchester NH

Cruising Downtown Classic Car Show
Manchester, NH

We headed to Manchester, New Hampshire today to see an exhibition of photography from the Vietnam War (which I’ll cover in another post). Entirely by coincidence, our trip involved a lot of things that began with the letter “C”. The photo exhibit was at the Currier Museum of Art. We then visited the city’s main thoroughfare, Elm Street, and found a Classic Car show that had the street blocked off. Beside admiring the cars, we bought some chocolate at Dancing Lion Chocolate, some cupcakes at Queen City Cupcakes, and some Challah bread at Finesse Pastries.

Visiting Manchester did not weaken my affection for Western Ave, Sweet Lydia’s, Little Delight’s cupcakes, and all the other excellent businesses here in Lowell, but it was nice to see another midsized New England city in action. It helps you appreciate your own community that much more.