Our New Look

Behind the scene software changes beyond our control have forced a change in the appearance of our blog. We’ll be fine tuning this version and adding some features over the next few days.

3 Responses to Our New Look

  1. Ellen A. says:

    Tell us about the photo at the top of the page. I recognize quite a few faces. When was it taken and what was the occasion?

  2. DickH says:

    On December 29, 1999, Mayor Eileen Donoghue invited past and present elected officials of the City of Lowell to gather at the Lowell Memorial Auditorium where they posed for this photograph. From left to right: (front row) Richard Howe, Edward Early, Patricia Molloy, William Droll, Katherine Martin, George Kouloheras, Mayor Eileen Donoghue, Brendan Fleming, Robert Kennedy, Raymond Rourke, George Macheras, Kathy Kelly and Connie Martin; (back row) Steven Gendron, Timothy Golden, Arthur Eno, Rita Mercier, Michael Geary, Armand Mercier, Gerald Durkin, Peter Richards, James McMahon, George O’Hare, William Taupier, William Martin, Brian Martin, John McQuaid, Arthur Gendreau, Edward Caulfield, Steven Panagiotakos, Rithy Uong, Raymond Riddick, Joseph Mendonca, George Anthes, Kevin McHugh, Larry Martin, Grady Mulligan, Thomas Casey, Brian Delaney, Edward Kennedy, Charles Caragianes, Tarsy Poulious, Curtis LeMay, Armand LeMay, Gail Dunfey, Bernard Lemoine.

  3. dennis boland says:

    The Picture is so Awsome….Loves the new look……12/29/1999 ….and everyone of them ,,are very proud of themselves…And I am Proud of them…..Can’t say enough about the new look……..thumb up