Bill Samaras for City Council website now online

Bill Samaras, a candidate for Lowell City Council and the former headmaster of Lowell High School, launched his campaign website today along with a corresponding Facebook page. Here’s what the front page of the website has to say:

I believe in this city. I believe in its history. I believe in its people.

I believe Lowell can be a city with a first class educational system where students can graduate high school and have an opportunity for a job and a nice place to call home.

I believe Lowell can be a city where children, families, and seniors can feel safe at any time and in any place.

I believe Lowell can be a city where the government leaders, elected and appointed, communicate and collaborate for the best interest of all citizens.

I believe that The City of Lowell has already accomplished so much and through its persevering spirit can still achieve much more as well. As Pat Mogan, the father of our National Park, would say, “It’s time to take it to the next level.”

I’m Bill Samaras, and I’m running for City Council because I Believe in Lowell.