Gubernatorial Speculation About AG Martha Coakley

Prospects of the 2014 Massachusetts gubernatorial primary that would include the incumbent and party-entrenched State Treasurer Steve Grossman and two prominent doctors – one Joe Avellone – with corporate administrative experience –  the other – Donald Berwick  with Obama administration experience, hasn’t kept many Dems from looking for other candidates. The names of Congressmen Stephen Lynch and Michael Capuano are always in the mix as well and some “yet-to-be-named” person who would swoop-in and capture  the political imagination of activists the way Deval Patrick did at the Mass Dems Lowell convention back in 2005.

In today’s Globe, senior writer Frank Phillips offers up the latest prospect – the here-to-fore scorned loser to Scott Brown – Martha Coakley who for many reasons after she returned her focus to her role as State Attorney General has been deemed – politically rehabilitated. If this rumor is fact – then Coakley needs to declare her intention by July 8 to be on the  candidate-for-governor speaking roster at the July 13 convention at the UML Tsongas Center in Lowell.

As Phillips notes in his article – “Coakley’s entrance into the race would dramatically reshape the Democratic campaign.” I agree. Just the point of being the only woman in the campaign would come at a critical political time both locally and nationally. Coakley’s positions and victories of late such as her challenge of DOMA recently struck down by the Supreme Court would bolster her image and support. I’ve noted that the 2013 party convention in Lowell would be an important event as Democrats launch the 2014 campaign. It looks like Lowell is the place to be on July 13.

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