Lowell Cemetery tours today and tomorrow

Today at 1 pm and tomorrow at 10 am (that’s Friday and Saturday), we’ll have our last two spring 2013 tours of Lowell Cemetery. Back on Friday, May 17 we had 75 people attend and the next day there were more than 90, so the tours remain popular. This weekend’s tours both leave from just inside the Lawrence Street gate. There’s plenty of parking inside the cemetery along the avenues. The tour is free, requires no advance registration and takes about 90 minutes of walking to complete. Along the way I tell stories about some of the people buried there and explain how their lives help tell the history of the city of Lowell. The weather forecast is for sunny and steamy weather today and tomorrow, but part of the Lowell Cemetery’s attraction is the abundance of shade trees throughout. We haven’t set the dates for the fall tours yet, but they will be in late September/early October and will begin at the Knapp Avenue entrance near Shedd Park and cover that half of the cemetery.

3 Responses to Lowell Cemetery tours today and tomorrow

  1. DickH says:

    We had 45 people on our Friday tour despite the heat. Tomorrow (Saturday) we begin at 10am. The tour starts just inside the Lawrence Street gate and lasts for 90 minutes.

  2. Subhashish acharya says:

    Is there any tours in June. Heard so much about them. Am a crazy architecture, history and geometry fan. Would love to attend.

  3. DickH says:

    Unfortunately no more tours are scheduled for the spring or summer. We will resume in late September. Keep checking here for the dates (they haven’t been established yet). I do hope during the summer to begin producing short videos of many of the deceased Lowellians who are part of the tour, so watch for that too in the coming weeks.