New Hampshire Needs Two Democrats in the US Senate

US Sen. Kelly Ayotte has to go. The focus is on her now that she voted against gun safety legislation. I say, Pour it on and get her out of there.

Here’s her lame defense of a vote against a bill that would help ensure women are treated fairly in the workplace.

3 Responses to New Hampshire Needs Two Democrats in the US Senate

  1. Christopher says:

    She’s not up until 2016, but there’s a nasty rumor going around that Scott Brown might challenge Jeanne Shaheen in 2014. The NH Dem convention will be June 1st in Nashua if anyone is interested in getting in on their politics. It’s convenient to Lowell, costs $40, and will feature trainings.

  2. Publius says:

    I agree that the notion of Scott Brown running against Jeanne Shaheen is reprehensible. New Hampshire should be able to find a true conservative to unseat Shaheen.

  3. Steve says:

    I wonder whether it may not be too facile to assume that the reason that women make less must be discrimination that can be corrected with legislation. It may be due to other sociological factors, that women take on the burden of childcare to a greater extent, or that they tend to go into fields that pay less. I went to a seminar for educators last week. I was one of two men. There were about 50 women. I just googled the question and came up with this video which presents a pretty clear alternative view. Maybe we should be looking at other ways to close the gap.