LowellMakes public meeting on Wednesday

Tomorrow night I’ll visit Lowell Telecommunicatons Corp at 246 Market Street to attend a public meeting held by LowellMakes, an innovative, important organization that is just beginning to come together here in Lowell. Here’s how LowellMakes is described at the start of its vision statement:

A membership‐controlled collaborative space equipped with a wide variety of tools, machines, materials, computers and other resources where individuals can gain and practice modern skills with state‐of‐the‐art technology, access to resources they could not otherwise, and a community of creative minded people who make all kinds of things.

Here’s some information about the public meeting that is intended to acquaint people with the concept of a Maker Space.

Finally, while the space may contain tools as familiar as welding torches and radial saws, it will also contain the latest in high tech manufacturing gear, especially 3D printers. For those of you unfamiliar with that technology, please watch the following explanatory video from PBS; it will truly inspire your imagination.