Legendary Locals of Lowell arrives

Returning home yesterday I found Ivy guarding the eight boxes of books that had been delivered by Fedex earlier in the day. Legendary Locals of Lowell has arrived! The first formal event will be next Monday, March 18, at 7pm at the Pollard Memorial Library. A representative of Arcadia Publishing will be there with a big supply of books for sale and my co-author (Chaim Rosenberg) and I will talk about the book and will sign your copy. Guy Lefebvre at Lowell Gallery on Jackson Street has ordered a supply for sale, so if you want to buy one locally check out his shop. Dates and times of other readings and events in the area are listed on our Legendary Locals of Lowell page on this blog and on our Legendary Locals of Lowell Facebook page (please LIKE it if you haven’t already done so). After more than a year’s effort, having the book now available makes this a very exciting time.

3 Responses to Legendary Locals of Lowell arrives

  1. Daniel Patrick Murphy says:

    How about the Post Office Lady?

    The Post Office Lady

    She wavers, staring
    At the wanted posters
    Hoping to hunt down
    Her criminal-man,

    Someone she could love
    And turn-in
    To her howling eyes
    Where she wanders,

    Back and forth,
    Like some custom mail
    Stamped Alcatraz,

    Concord, or Walpole
    Where her inmates
    Were shooting
    And shot up.

    Rubber hoses,
    Cold tubs,
    And hazing

    Over her eyes,
    Induce lovers
    Into new zip codes
    For her to memorize.