Winterfest winners

Here are the winners in the various categories from this year’s Winterfest:

National Human Dogsled Competition Winners
Best Costume
1st Place: Linwood Animal Hospital (Little Red Riding Hood)
2nd Place: Meerkat Technology (Running Dead)
3rd Place: Stoklosa School (Cruella’s Mush Puppies)

Overall Race Winner
1st Place: Upper Cut Landscaping (Lowell)
2nd Place: Wentworth Institute
3rd Place: Nor’Easter’s (Lowell)

Soup Bowl Competition Winners
People’s Choice Award
1st Place: French’s (Stuffed Pepper)
2nd Place: LGH Saints Campus (Chicken Gumbo)
3rd Place: LGH Main Campus (Latin Crab Bisque)

Culinary Choice Juried Award
Cobblestones of Lowell (Creole Style Shrimp Bisque)

2nd Annual Microbrew Competition Winners
1st Place: Trekker Trippel from Slum Brew
2nd Place: Crabbies Ginger Beer
3rd Place: Double Imperial IPA from Do Can

St. Anne’s Church All-U-Can-Eat Chocolate Event
People’s Choice AND Juried Award Winner: Sweet Lydia’s of Lowell – Fudgey Caramellows

Full results on the city’s website.