Legendary Locals of Lowell: Index (Part VI)

Just 18 days until Legendary Locals of Lowell is published and available to all in print. This coming Saturday, my blog co-author Paul Marion has kindly offered me space at the 2nd Annual Lowell Writers and Publishers Winter Roundup at The Old Court from 12:30 until 4:00 p.m. While I won’t have the book, I will have some material from it and will be there to talk about it and the people depicted in it. More information about Legendary of Locals of Lowell is available HERE.

I’ve been posting page-length chunks of the index to give our readers a glimpse at who is pictured in the book. Here is part six.

Morales, Amsi, 95
Morlacchi, Giuseppina, 119
Morse, F. Bradford, 104
Moxie, 39
Mulligan, Grady, 48, 99, 123
Mulligan, Tom, 70
Murphy, Bill, 56
Murphy, Neil, 56
Narzakian, Harry, 55
Narzakian, Lucy, 55
Narzakian, Michael, 55
Narzakian, Rose, 43, 55
Neary, Jim, 56
New England Telephone, 46
Nkimbeng, Fru, 107
Normandin, Gus, 64
O’Brien, Fr. John, 38
O’Connell, Cardinal William H., 58, 102
O’Day, Thomas, 64
O’Hare, George, 64
O’Hare, George, 99
O’Keefe, Timothy, 64
Omonhundro, John, “Texas Jack”, 119
O’Neil, William J., 64
Ouellette, Joseph R., 89
Page, Bob, 91
Panagiotakos, Steve, 99
Patel, Palak, 63
Pawtucket Canal, 15
Pawtucket Falls, 14
Pearsall, George F. A., 93
Pearson, Whit, 69
Perkins, Thomas Handasyd, 23
Phelps, William Preston, 121
Portuguese Workers, 29
Poitras, Edwin, 88
Poulios, Tarsy, 48, 99
Poulten, Sam, 117
Powell, Hank, 67
Quealey, David, 56
Quealey, Joe, 56
Quealey, John, 56

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