UML joins Division I

UML Celebrates entering into Division I, rallying at the Tsongas Center, February 14, 2013. Photos by Tony Sampas.

One Response to UML joins Division I

  1. Renee Aste says:

    From the Boston Globe,

    ““If we want the stature that we think we deserve, we have to have a Division 1 sports program, even if it’s going to cost us some money,” said Michael Carter, chairman of UMass-Lowell’s economics department and president of its faculty senate, which endorsed the proposal. “If you want to be anything other than a regional school in a state system, if we really want to have a national reputation, we have to do this. Our chancellor is a genius when it comes to branding, and this is part of the brand. He’s made a number of bold moves, and most of them seem to be working because we’ve been growing rapidly. You can’t really stop, you have to keep pushing.””

    And what is wrong with being a regional school in a state system? Nothing.

    Sorry to be a grump. Division 1 sounds like nothing but ‘bling’.