UMASS Lowell Goes Division I – America East!

UMass Lowell Chancellor Mary Meehan had big new s to announce at a press conference and rally at the UML/Tsongas Center this morning. UMass Lowell is going Division I for all it men’s and women’s sports! Saying that it will be a challenge but a great step for the University, Meehan noted:

“This is about the academics of this institution,” said UMass Lowell Chancellor Marty Meehan. “This is about where we’ve been and where we’re going as an institution. You’re associated by those teams you play, and those universities that are a part of your league. And we belong in America East.”
You can also see Meehan’s Fox News interview from this morning –  Hit the arrow until you get to his 6-minutes interview with VB:
Meehan’s letter to alums (including me) was posted here earlier today –