Leone to Penn State?








Last week boston.com Political Editor Glen Johnson wrote and interesting article about the departure of Middlesex County District Attorney Gerry Leone. As we politicos speculate on the reason(s) for Leone’s unexpected decision not to run for reelection Johnson offers some interesting fodder…

In mid-September, the Globe contacted Leone amid chatter that he might be under consideration for athletic director at Pennsylvania State University. Given his law-and-order reputation, work prosecuting child sexual abuse cases, and background as a Harvard football player and son of a former football coach, Leone seemingly had the credentials to help the school rebound from the Jerry Sandusky scandal.

Leone said he had not been contacted about the post, but he also didn’t shy away from discussing why he would be an appropriate choice for it.

“I’ve been in and around athletics, sports, and, particularly, football for a long time. I think if you combined that with my professional and personal skills, I don’t think there’s any reason I couldn’t run a large-scale athletic department,” the DA said.

Amid the Sandusky scandal in November 2011 Penn State hired Dave Joyner to server as “Acting” Athletic Director after administrators put AD Tim Curley on administrative leave.

In September 2012, University President Rodney Erickson stated he intended to keep Joyner as Acting Athletic Director until he retires, which many speculate is June of 2013. But…more importantly, Erikson also stated he feels the next Penn State President should be given the opportunity to select the new, permanent Athletic Director and a “nation wide” search should be conducted. Conclusion…there probably will be an AD  job posting at Penn State in the not too distant future.

And perhaps Penn State’s nation wide search will end up right here in Middlesex County.