Lowell video contest submissions due January 18

It’s a complete coincidence that on the very day this year’s nominees for the Academy Awards are announced that I finished by 15 second video submission for the 2013 City of Lowell Movie Contest. While it would be nice to win that $1,000 prize, I’m not in this for the money; I’m a longtime advocate of a bottom-up video strategy for the city in which everyone becomes a film producer and floods the internet with short videos showing “my Lowell.” Since I like history, that’s the theme of my film. Whether you realize it or not, that smart phone now sitting in your pocket contains a video camera more than adequate for this project so whip it out and take advantage of the spring-like weather forecast for this weekend and make a video. Once you’ve done that, enter it into the contest (here are the rules) but also upload it to YouTube so we all can see it.

Here’s my video and remember, the maximum length is just 15 seconds so don’t blink:


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