Dave Brubeck, 1920-2012

The pianist and composer Dave Brubeck, credited for the revival of interest in jazz in the 1950s and 1960s, died yesterday, a day short of this 92nd birthday. His obituary in today’s New York Times gives a full review of his life and his influence on music. The below video has him performing his best known piece, Take Five, in 1961:


3 Responses to Dave Brubeck, 1920-2012

  1. kosta says:

    Some time in the late 70’s, or 80’s he (and band) performed at UMass Lowell. I remember chatting with one of his band members and his comment somewhat sardonically, “Dave has found God. He plays to him in his music”. Thank you for this video; it brings back memories.

  2. Paul@01852 says:

    For those not familiar with the Brubeck quartet the sax player in the video cover page is not Brubeck but Paul Desmond (the composer of “Take Five”).

    Also, on another note, my most memorable Brubeck moment was when Dave and his quartet, then including his son Chris (and possibly another son?), played Lowell Memorial Auditorium. After finishing both sets (neither of which included “Take Five”) they came back on stage for an encore. Dave asked the audience what they would like to hear. Before anyone could shout out the obvious answer, someone in the crowd yelled out, “Another set!” which produced a good laugh from the crowd.

  3. Renee Aste says:

    “Dave has found God. He plays to him in his music”

    Brubeck joined the Catholic Church in 1980.