Looking for Jack Boston

The following showed up as a comment and came to me by email. I’ve never heard of Jack Boston but thought some of our readers might have. Please leave a comment on this post if you have any info.

I am looking for a picture of a man by the name of Jack Boston. Jack was a sound man (public address) from Malden Ma. He did quite a bit of work at Lowell’s South Common like events, parades, commencements etc… I cannot find anything on this man. I have scoured my local resources. He would have been in Lowell around the late 40s’ to mid to late 1950′s . Sources say that he had a car that stood out. It was a 1937 Buick/Pontiac with platforms on both the rear bumper to front affixed with loudspeaker horns …they would have been on the roof as well. This car would have been seen in parades etc…his work on South Common would have been a sound installation …i.e. speakers hanging from the trees etc… Could you help me?

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