Scott Brown’s next Senate campaign

Each Monday after the 9 a.m. news, I call in to radio station WCAP (980 AM) to talk about local history, politics and anything else that comes up. In the midst of my segment this morning, co-hosts Todd Robbins and Mara Dolan (Ted Panos is “on assignment” this week) put me on hold for an important and seemingly unexpected incoming call. It was U.S. Senator Scott Brown who said he was on his way back to Washington to do some National Guard duty at the Pentagon (he temporarily transferred into the Maryland National Guard to make it easier to do his service while in Washington). Senator Brown was calling to thank folks for their support and wish everyone well. When the hosts complemented him on his graciousness on election night, he remarked that he has a wonderful wife and family and having those things helps put other things in the proper perspective. When Mara asked if we would start seeing (Brown’s spouse) Gail Huff on Boston TV again, Brown replied “she has job obligations in Washington” (she’s a reporter for ABC7 in DC). Then Todd asked Brown if John Kerry were named Secretary of State and there was a special election for Kerry’s U.S. Senate seat, would Brown be a candidate. “It’s certainly something I would take a look at.” replied Brown.

As stimulating as doing real estate closings at the Norfolk Registry of Deeds might have been in his pre-U.S. Senate days, I’m guessing Scott Brown is not anxious to get back to that life. His unscheduled call into WCAP today, his current assignment to a Washington-area National Guard unit, his spouse’s job with a DC television station, and his “I’d certainly take a look at it” response to the “would you run” question should remove all doubt that he would. Despite having just lost to Elizabeth Warren in one Senate race, Brown would be a very formidable candidate, particularly in a special election. That’s how he was elected in the first place. For that reason, I can’t see the President putting a safe Democratic Senate seat (Kerry’s) at immediate risk by appointing Kerry as Secretary of State.

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  1. Greg Page says:

    “For that reason, I can’t see the President putting a safe Democratic Senate seat (Kerry’s) at immediate risk by appointing Kerry as Secretary of State.”

    This “chaos theory” type of stuff is what makes politics so fascinating. As you said, it’s not much of a reach at all to think that the results of our US Senate election will impact the President’s choice of our next #1 diplomat.

    Even arbitrary-seeming things like the timing of the special election that brought Sen. Brown into office can wind up playing a big impact on the course of events. What if it had been held before the popular uprising against Obama’s health care proposal? What if the compressed election season had happened in warmer months? (There’d be no regrettable comment from Martha Coakley about not wanting to stand out in the cold to shake hands).

    Weirder stuff has happened. Let’s say Linda Tripp never recorded her lunch chats with Monica Lewinsky, or, better yet, Monica Lewinsky had never saved that infamous blue dress. We might’ve had eight years of President Gore. We might not have had an Iraq War.

    Pat Robertson had a major showing in an Iowa straw poll in the run-up to the 1988 nomination season. The reason? A freak blizzard, which deterred everyone else’s supporters from going to the polls.

    What if Brad Morse hadn’t left Congress for that UN post way back in 1972? It means John Kerry would’ve actually moved into that house he bought in Worcester and run for Congress from there, as opposed to here.

    The “what ifs” are always endlessly interesting for political junkies.

  2. Marie says:

    Dick – I agree with your assessment of the situation. I was listening in the van on the way to an 9am appointment – I must have just missed that call.

  3. Ryan says:

    Don’t forget he put a Sebelius in DC when she was a sure-fire pick up for US Senate in Kansas, a state we would never otherwise elect a Democrat from.

    Maybe being in DC for 4 years has taught him a thing or two about how important every last seat can be, but otherwise I’m of the mind that he’s going to pick who he wants to pick, regardless of the electoral circumstances.

  4. Geoffrey says:

    How would such a Brown campaign be funded?

    Beyond how we may feel about his suitability as a Senator, his campaign lacked discipline and clarity. It would certainly take effort to defeat him again, but only if he was well funded. Who would front the money? It’s a good question, especially when Republicans have Senate and Congressional seats that will need to be defended in 2014. Aren’t there other Republicans who could post a more mature presentation of ideas?

  5. Prince Charming says:

    With all the shuffling around in the administration it may be wise for the President to offer him a post. Then we’ll see how bipartisan Brown really is. After all, he used the “anti-Christ” ‘s picture in some of his ads.

  6. Julio C de Carvalh says:

    I voted Warren because I disagreed with some issues presented by Brown. However, if President Obama is to pick Kerry, I firmly believe that he should go for it and Brown should re-run. I honestly believe he was a good senator…but this time, between the two of them, I picked Warren. I hope I had another viable candidate. I also do not believe it is very healthy for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to be entirely represented (congressional delegation) by a group of democrats. We need balance…and some republicans have (the overall) common sense.

  7. Christopher says:

    Washington Post is reporting Kerry is being considered for SecDef, though it’s not clear what Panetta’s plans are regarding stepping down. I don’t buy the assumption that a Dem could not beat Scott Brown again, but maybe an arrangement can be made that allows Kerry to finish his current term rather than trigger a special. That will just make 2014 even more interesting since at least four constitutional offices will be open as well.