This is what Americans want to see, the leaders working together for the common good. As Patty Coffey likes to say, “Bam!”

3 Responses to ‘Bam!’

  1. John McDonough says:

    I elect the best American to do the job, I do wish party affiliations would stay out of Washington and the State House.
    John McDonough

    PS Happy Birthday to the lovely Marie Sweeney

  2. Prince Charming says:

    Amazing how lovey-dovey someone can get when shaking hands with the leader of the free world (and holder of the purse).

  3. Renee Aste says:

    Very true, unlike Bloomberg’s actions. Not the time for endorsements, get your rear-end over to Staten Island people are still ‘trapped’ in their homes unable to get basic necessities and yet the marathon is still ‘on’. Christie didn’t need to ‘endorse’ the President to understand he’s the President and he need to be where he needs to be.