The Catholic Vice Presidential Debate ~ An Historic Event

Below is an interesting invitation that first arrived last week. Today there is a new element – there will be a pre-debate conference call. I’m invited to join-in along with a key participant – Sister Simone Campbell of “Nuns on the Bus.” This outreach puts another layer on this upcoming Vice Presidential debate – it’s at the very least – a reminder of the historic context. The Catholic Social Justice tradition will be on the minds of many viewers!


My invitation:

Dear Friends,
Last week, Catholic Democrats announced that we will be holding a pre-debate Catholic Vice Presidential Conference Call.  We are pleased to say that Sr. Simone Campbell, one of the organizers of the “Nuns on the Bus,” will be one of our featured speakers.  We will also be joined by Professor Nicholas Cafardi and others yet to be announced.  Professor Cafardi is dean emeritus of the Duquesne University School of Law, and a leading expert on Catholicism in public life. He is also a canon lawyer who has been published widely in America Magazine, Commonweal, and the National Catholic Reporter. A co-chair of the Obama campaign’s Catholic outreach effort, Professor Cafardi was editor of the book Voting and Holiness, which was published earlier this year.
Some of the key issues of this year’s election include the right role of the government, the federal budget and the funding of programs for those most in need, and fairness in the federal tax code.  Sr. Simone and the Nuns on the Bus have brought public awareness to the needs of those living in poverty and of working class families struggling to get by.  She and her fellow sisters have provided leadership to both our Church and nation, on a non-partisan basis, by advocating for those most in need.
The sisters represent what is at the core of our Catholic identity: an abiding care for those most in need, which is rooted in the life of Jesus and the Gospels. Nick Cafardi has argued publicly for the right of Catholics to use prudential judgment in addressing the moral issues of our time.  Sister Simone, Professor Cafardi, and others who will join us on the call, can help answer your questions about the relationship between the Catholic Social Justice Tradition and public policy.  If you have any questions, we ask that you submit them when you register for the call so we may best focus the conference call to meet your needs.
We hope you can join your Catholic sisters and brothers from across the nation this Thursday on this conference call and we remind you to also please consider either hosting a Catholic VP Debate House Party or attending one in your area.
Warm regards,Catholic Democrats

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  1. Right In Lowell says:

    Please tell me how a true practicing Catholic can justify supporting the platform of the Democratic Party regarding abortion?