Kerouac’s ‘Beat Generation’ Play Opens Next Wed. at MRT

The world premiere of Jack Kerouac’s only full-length play, “Beat Generation,” is set for next Wednesday, Oct. 10, at Merrimack Repertory Theatre in partnership with UMass Lowell. The media buzz is building around this major event. The Sun, Eagle Tribune, Globe, Associated Press/New York City, WCAP-AM radio, WBUR-FM radio, BBC radio, and other outlets are reporting about the play. The premiere is the highlight of this year’s Kerouac Literary Festival, which has about 40 events in seven days.

In an interview on WCAP Radio last week, I told Teddy that the play in a way anticipates the “Seinfeld” TV comedy series because as Jerry and George famously said, “It’s a show about nothing.” Nothing except a bunch of interesting friends talking, joking, and trying to figure out the meaning life and how to have a good time. The characters move from an apartment to a racetrack to a house (on Long Island), ceaselessly bantering and surprising one another. Kerouac captures the off-beat “Beat” mood of the late 1950s that was taking hold  in New York City and North Beach in San Francisco.

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