Lowell Plan Breakfast ~ a quick review

Just a few quick comments…

The Lowell Plan Breakfast was well-worth my getting up and out early this morning. Good vibes – good information. The Mayor was sharp and quite charming in the way he handled the usual “my colleagues in government” thing; the Manager had the updated facts and figures ready to bolster even the most negative observer; Marty Meehan was terrific as always – showing the positive partnership and power of UML – his laudatory remarks about MCC’s Carole Cowan were right-on; Senator Eileen Donoghue made the role and importance of the arts/creative economy crystal clear; Congresswoman Tsongas set the tone and the history in place; the keynote speaker – Catol Coletta ED of ArtPlace – had everyone stitting up straighter with pride in how Lowell “got it” and is still in the forefront of positioning the core city in the right place, circumstance and condition. The traditional video with only music – no commentary – used today’s technology to show the city as visioned in the year 2020. It was a hit! The actual breakfast food was delish… a far cry from past experiences. I look forward to views of my blogger colleagues Dick Howe and Paul Marion. Dick will post the video soon for all to see!

Kudos to Jim Cook, his board and his Lowell Plan staff – Rosemary Noon, Germaine Vigeant-Trudel and Melissa Surprenant. Well over 300 people attended this morning and they’ll be talking!