“Dogman” Del Christman featured in Globe

If you ever attended a Lowell Spinners’ game early in the life of the team, buying a hot dog from one of the roving vendors, Dogman, was often more exciting than watching the game. Dogman, now known to all as Del Christman, rivals only the Canaligator when it comes to icons of the Spinners. He served “blood hounds” (hot dog with ketchup) and “Irish setters” (hot dog with relish) and I wish I could remember all the other combos (a little help in comments if you please). Today the Boston Globe features Del in a moving article about his life struggles and how his work with and for the Spinners turned things around. As a dismal Red Sox season nears an end, this is a nice reminder of why baseball will always be viewed affectionately by the people of America.

3 Responses to “Dogman” Del Christman featured in Globe

  1. SeanT says:

    I think “Golden Retrievers” were dogs with Mustard only. I worked for the Spinners the first year they were in town – ripped tickets at the door over at Alumni Field – ripped Dan Duquette’s and John Kerry’s on the same night. I witnessed Del’s Dog Man emerge, though I didn’t really get a chance to get to know him as a person. Thanks for featuring this article.